DNC Headquarters Evacuated; Explosive Device Found At RNC

An explosive device at the RNC, so what. The Republicans have been complicit with their butt buddies on the left to destroy America. We now have a Fraudulent Government with no Constitution. That used to be the ‘Law of the Land’. So fuck the DNC and the RNC. Blow them all to hell for all I care. God Bless America … may she Rest In Peace.

Source: ZeroHedge

As the Capitol descends into chaos with people shot and officers wounded, the DNC and RNC are evacuating their offices after an explosive device has reportedly been found at the RNC.

The two offices are located just blocks from the capitol, which is currently being overrun by pro-Trump protesters, according to the NYT.

An explosive device was found at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington and the nearby headquarters of the Democratic National Committee was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package on Wednesday, according to three people briefed on the discoveries.

The device that was found at the R.N.C. was a pipe bomb that was successfully destroyed by a bomb squad, according to an official for the R.N.C.

The package at the D.N.C. has yet to be identified, according to a top Democrat briefed on the matter who was not authorized to speak publicly about it.

The R.N.C. and D.N.C. are headquartered just a few blocks away from the U.S. Capitol, which Mr. Trump’s supporters stormed on Wednesday afternoon soon as Congress had gathered to certify President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory and shortly after the president addressed the crowd near the White House.

This appears to be an escalation as the chaos spills out from the Capitol to the rest of the District. The device found at the RNC was safely detonated.

The National Guard has been deployed by Trump and by Virginia Gov Ralph Northup.

DNC Headquarters Evacuated; Explosive Device Found At RNC