National Guard Activated To Help Support Police When Deplorables Come To Town

I hate Washington DC and it’s politicians. The city is ghetto and almost fully inhabited by apes … not even regal Silver Backs … just your run of the mill, garbage, street apes. Of course, the head ape in DC is Muriel Bowser … a colored, leftist, commie, democrat. Watch for more funnels as they route the Peaceful Deplorables into narrow streets filled with BLM Scum and Antifa Pussies.

Source: ZeroHedge

Some 100 National Guardsmen will be in Washington this week to help support police officers patrolling protests planned by President Donald Trump supporters this week.

  • We have received confirmation that the D.C. National Guard will be assisting the Metropolitan Police Department, beginning tomorrow through the life cycle of this event,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III told reporters at a press conference on Monday.

National Guard personnel will be assisting police officers with crowd management and traffic control, freeing officers “to focus on anyone who’s intent on instigating, agitating, or participating in violence in our city,” he added.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, revealed she’d asked for National Guard personnel in a Dec. 31 letter to District of Columbia National Guard Commanding General William Walker.

Murial Bowser – Grape Ape

Bowser said guardsmen would not be armed and would not be engaged in domestic surveillance, searches, or seizures of Americans.

Pro-Trump ralliers plan on gathering in D.C. this week to protest during the counting of electoral votes.

Bowser noted that two pro-Trump protests late last year devolved into violence. In both instances, most violence appeared to be perpetrated by left-wing agitators, but pro-Trump ralliers, including members of the Proud Boys, were filmed brawling as well.

  • Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the right-wing group, said on Parler recently that members would be in D.C. on Jan. 6 but would not be wearing their traditional black and yellow outfits. “We will be incognito and we will spread across downtown DC in smaller teams,” he wrote.

The Harrington Hotel, where Proud Boys members often stayed and congregated, announced last month that it was closing Jan. 4 to Jan. 6.

Other groups linked to violence at previous protests, including Black Lives Matter, plan on turning out this week.

Refuse Fascism called on people to go to the city, saying the protests “must not go unopposed.”

Bowser on Sunday asked Washingtonians and those who live in the region to avoid the downtown area on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

People should not “engage with demonstrators who come to our city seeking confrontation, and we will do what we must to ensure all who attend remain peaceful,” she said.

People are allowed to protest in Washington but authorities won’t allow them “to incite violence,” Bowser said Monday.

Contee said signs have been posted around the city emphasizing it is illegal to possess firearms on the U.S. Capitol grounds and on National Park Service areas, and that the District of Columbia does not recognize concealed carry permits issued by other jurisdictions.

  • The U.S. Capitol Police said in a statement that it “has comprehensive security plans in place and we continuously monitor and assess new and emerging threats, with the overall goal of keeping those within the Capitol Complex safe and secure.”

Remember, depending where you feet are at any given time in DC, depends whether the Metro Police or Capitol Police will interact with you.

National Guard Activated To Help Support Police When Deplorables Come To Town