Two Arrested For Stealing Porch Packages While Handing Out Fliers For Democrats

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together! In this case, thieving democrat/commies use thieving workers to steal packages from the porches of voters. So the dem/commies steal votes, the ‘interns’ steal packages.

Source: WND

Two 19-year-old Georgia residents who were going from house to house distributing political material for Democratic candidates in next month’s U.S. Senate special elections have been charged with stealing packages from homes they visited.

Santina Walker and Cesar Guerrero were arrested after a traffic stop conducted Wednesday in response to an alleged package theft,  according to Maj. Steve Morris of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said they found packages and items that appeared to be new in the vehicle’s trunk, according to the Augusta Chronicle. Items with addresses were returned to their owners.

Morris said the suspects confessed that while distributing political material for Democratic candidates, they took items from houses they visited.

Democrat Thieves In Training

Both suspects face four counts of misdemeanor theft by taking. Guerrero also faces a felony count of obstruction after a deputy was punched in the head while taking Guerrero into custody, Morris said.

The U.S. Senate campaigns of Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff disavowed any connection to the suspects. The elections are Jan. 5.

  • “These individuals are not associated with or paid by our campaigns, and we strongly condemn this criminal activity,” a statement from the two campaigns said, according to the Chronicle.

Per WJBF-TV, which cited investigators, the suspects had been hired and paid by BlackPAC, a progressive advocacy group.

One resident said the incident is a sign of the times.

  • “For lowlifes running around taking people’s packages … I think it’s terrible,” Jeff Pagac, who lives in a neighborhood where thefts were reported, told WJBF.
  • “You wouldn’t think in a quiet neighborhood like this something like that would happen. The fact that it is and it’s going on, it’s a shame,” he said.
  • “With people how they are nowadays, nothing surprises me. But you know, kind of that little thing of humanity. Every time you see something like this, I think you lose a little piece of it.”

A Republican canvasser said the incident hurts everyone.

  • “I talked to this lady who told me about it. She said that they arrested two canvassers who were committing theft in this area. I’m shocked by it. I think it gives all of us a bad name,” canvasser Warren Wimmer said.

“People should be careful and try to get your packages delivered in the garage if possible,” he added.

Two Arrested For Stealing Porch Packages While Handing Out Fliers For Democrats