12,000 NYC Students Banned From School For Not Consenting To Random COVID Testing

Stop paying taxes that would be given to these schools. Home School your kids. Fuck the government and their lockdowns and bullshit testing. Stop voting democrat/commie!

Source: ZeroHedge

Today in “how far can your rights be infringed upon before people start to push back” news

About 12,000 New York City students are being prevented from attending in-person learning because their parents “failed to sign consent forms for weekly random testing”, Bloomberg reported last week. The students are part of a larger group of 190,000 pre-school through elementary students who returned to classrooms in December. 

While about 60,000 pre-school and kindergarten students are exempt from testing, there are still about 130,000 students who are required to participate in random testing. 

  • Nathaniel Styer, a spokesman for the city Department of Education, said: “Due to the extensive efforts of our staff, 91% of students who need a consent form have one on file.
  • Students without consent forms, and who do not have approved exemptions, are transitioned to remote instruction.”

Random testing is conducted on 20% of everyone in each school building, every week. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza are responsible for implementing the standards that went into place after NYC schools had previously shut down. 

Meanwhile, high school and middle school students that are part of NYC’s 1 million plus student body are all receiving remote instruction. “Tens of thousands” of elementary school parents have voluntarily opted out of the random testing in favor of remote learning as well, Bloomberg concluded. 

12,000 NYC Students Banned From School For Not Consenting To Random COVID Testing