Defund The Police Supporters Claim Cops Aren’t Protecting Them

SMH!!! Double Take!!! As if we need more reasons to hate the left and their antics. Please Lord, turn loose your wrath or better yet, steady our breathing, adjust our aim for windage and distance, make our trigger pull slow and easy … America needs your help to rid us of these idiots who are being allowed to tarnish your Name and destroy America.

Source: Law Officer

Black Lives Matter DC activists complained earlier this week that the Metropolitan Police Department failed to protect them while continuing to call for defunding police. The irony came during a press conference held in Black Lives Matter Plaza Sunday afternoon.

Black Lives Matter DC Anthony Lorenzo Green said during the Sunday press conference that the mayor and police department failed “to protect the rights of D.C. residents” during the Stop the Steal Trump rally held in the nation’s capital on Saturday. ”

  • “As we’ve witnessed for many months now during this uprising and for years in our own communities, MPD does not, cannot, will not keep us safe,” Green continued.

Breitbart News reports that in June, BLM DC listed defunding the police as one of its demands during the city’s budget hearings.

Nee Nee Taylor, a direct action coordinator for BLM DC, told the spectators at the plaza that they did not come to the area on Saturday to counterprotest the pro-Trump rally. She said they came “to make a safer place because no place is safe in DC for black people or people of color.”

  • “Here at Black Lives Matter Plaza is where we uplift the defunding of the police,” Taylor stated.
  • She said they should defund MPD because “MPD doesn’t keep us safe.”

Other speakers continued to lay out their case as to why MPD should be defunded and that they failed to protect “their streets.”

Defund The Police Supporters Claim Cops Aren’t Protecting Them