How NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story

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The Bidens or the Media!!!!

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Hunter Biden was the October Surprise that wasn’t. A report so explosive, so potentially damaging, so dangerous for national security that it should have destroyed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. In any other election, fleets of investigative reporters would have been unleashed to verify the claims in the report. Instead, in the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a major media company set out to personally destroy the man who they thought put the report together and thereby discredit the report to the point that the entire media complex in America took turns ridiculing the story instead of investigating it. The results could have dire implications for national security.

But hey, at least they got rid of the Bad Orange Man.

The week before Election Day, RedState published a series of articles about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, based on a 64-page report from researchers who combed public records to reveal how compromised the Biden family is to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You can read Part 1 here. The four-part series lays out deeply disturbing connections between Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and the CCP.

The pro-democracy news outlet Apple Daily, based in Hong Kong, used an earlier 40-page version of the report and was the first to report on its findings. In response, NBC News launched a coordinated attack on one of the publishers of the report, Christopher Balding. This attack had all the appearances of being coordinated with the Biden campaign and it had the effect of benefiting the CCP.

Hunter Biden Email Reportedly Names Kamala Harris, Others as Key Contacts for ‘Joint Venture’ With China Energy Co.

The report goes into intimate detail about the deep connections between the Biden family and the CCP. In fact, Hunter Biden’s company BHR is listed as a subsidiary of the Bank of China, owned by the CCP.

Balding, who taught English for several years in China before moving to Vietnam to teach there for a couple of years, appeared on a Facebook Live event for the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) on October 30 to talk about his report. In that event, he said, “Hunter Biden started going to China, the first trips that we picked up were shortly before Biden became vice president in 2008, and there was a steady stream of visits to Beijing over time. I would say it was probably almost once a year to China during that time. He was meeting with individuals and institutions that would ultimately become the investors in the BHR Fund.”

“The first thing to note,” Balding said, “is this appears to significantly predate 2013 going back to probably 2008, that’s when you really see the groundwork being laid for this. I think another thing that is very important to note is that all of the individual institutions that are surrounding everything’s going on here … are very closely linked to the state, whether it is with a quasi-state type of organizations, whether it is state-owned banks, whether it is part of the actual government, everyone that you’re seeing here is very closely linked to the state. A lot of people that you’re seeing are also very closely tied to Chinese organizations that are known by the U.S. government and other governments to be intelligence, their cover institutions for Intel, and until an influence operation, and what I mean by that is China has a lot of very innocuous-sounding institutional or organizational names, you know, one of the ones that pops to mind is the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade. CIA documents dating back to the 50s saying what they do is compromise foreign businessmen to then force them to impact economic policy in their home country to head off things like economic sanction.”

Ex-Hunter Biden Associate: ‘I Have Firsthand Knowledge’ Joe Biden Was Involved in China Deals

Before he could even begin his talk for the ORP audience, Balding was delayed for a half an hour by multiple phone calls regarding the hit piece published by NBC News that day. Notably, the piece did not refute any of the facts surrounding Hunter Biden’s shady dealings in communist China. Instead, it focused on the identity of a researcher mentioned in the report. It turns out that the researcher was a made-up persona that Balding created using artificial intelligence (AI).

Many media outlets used this NBC News hit piece, from October 30 through Election Day and beyond, to discredit the 64-page report on how deeply the CCP had compromised both Hunter and Joe Biden. Polls show that around 45% of Biden voters had no idea about important election stories like this one, and 17% of them would not have voted for him if they had known about the stories, including the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden. Now, because this knowledge was suppressed and hidden from the American public, it looks like the CCP will have access to the Oval Office via direct connections to the president and other potential members of his cabinet (barring any reversal of the results of the election).

Balding defended his actions, noting that he was forced to flee Vietnam in early October and return to the U.S. after the Vietnamese government came to him saying they could no longer guarantee his safety from the number of Chinese spies that had come to seek him out. He said the other researchers on the project subjected themselves to grave danger by using their connections to acquire documentation available only inside China, and hidden from the general public.

A reporter with intimate knowledge of the origins of the report, who wished to remain anonymous, told PJ Media in an exclusive interview that Balding had good reason to fear for his safety and that of his fellow researchers. “Balding made a tactical error with the AI stuff,” he said, “but the report was rock solid. We used him a lot in the past when we exposed Huawei and their spying through 5G technology, among other stories. The AI thing allowed them to undermine his credibility, but the report on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden is unassailable. That’s why they attacked the messenger. Bottom line—Balding was right, the Biden family has very deep and troubling ties to the CCP, and the campaign worked with NBC to run a hit piece and discredit the story.”

EXPLOSIVE Study: Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories ‘Stole This Election’ for Joe Biden

That’s an explosive claim. A major media outlet in the United States coordinated with a presidential campaign not just to bury a story deeply damaging to the candidate, but to thoroughly discredit it and attempt to personally destroy its author. This was done as part of a coordinated operation to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump—an operation beginning before Trump even won the primary, and that brought together an immense amount of funding, resources, boots on the ground, and media air cover in which major media outlets simply refused to report anything positive about the Trump administration.

On his blog, Balding provides a summary of all the things that should deeply worry American voters:

Key Points of the Report:

1. Joe Biden’s compromising partnership with the Communist Party of China runs via Yang Jiechi (CPC’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission). YANG met frequently with BIDEN during his tenure at the Chinese embassy in Washington.

2. Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions who are tasked with garnering influence with foreign leaders during YANG’s tenure as Foreign Minister.

3. HUNTER has a direct line to the Politburo, according to SOURCE A, a senior finance professional in China.

4. Michael Lin, a Taiwanese national now detained in China, brokered the BHR partnership and partners with MOFA foreign influence organizations.

5. LIN is a POI for his work on behalf of China, as confirmed by SOURCE B and SOURCE C (at two separate national intelligence agencies).

6. BHR is a state managed operation. Leading shareholder in BHR is Bank of China which lists BHR as a subsidiary and BHR’s partners are SOEs that funnel revenue/assets to BHR.

7. HUNTER continues to hold 10% in BHR. He visited China in 2010 and met with major Chinese government financial companies that would later back BHR.

8. HUNTER’s BHR stake (purchased for $400,000) is now likely [to] be worth approx. $50 million (fees and capital appreciation based on BHR’s $6.5 billion AUM as stated by Michael Lin).

9. HUNTER also did business with Chinese tycoons linked with the Chinese military and against the interests of US national security.

10. BIDEN’s foreign policy stance towards China (formerly hawkish), turned positive despite China’s country’s rising geopolitical assertiveness.


Lost among the salacious revelations about laptop provenance is the more mundane reality of influence and money of major United States political figures. Ill informed accusations of Russian hacking and disinformation face the documented reality of a major Chinese state financial partnership with the children of major political figures. A report by an Asian research firm raises worrying questions about the financial links between China and Hunter Biden.

Beginning just before Joe Biden’s ascendancy to the Vice Presidency, Hunter Biden was travelling to Beijing meeting with Chinese financial institutions and political figures would ultimately become his investors. Finalized in 2013, the investment partnership included money from the Chinese government, social security, and major state-owned banks a veritable who’s who of Chinese state finance.

It is not simply the state money that should cause concern but the structures and deals that took place. Most investment in specific projects came from state owned entities and flowed into state backed projects or enterprises. Even the deals speak to the worst of cronyism. The Hunter Biden investment firm share of a copper mine in the Congo was guaranteed with assets put at risk by the larger copper company to ensure deal flow to Hunter’s firm.

Instead of investigating the claims about Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections, NBC News suppressed the report and attacked the messenger. They carried water for the Biden campaign, and other media outlets followed suit. The American public was largely unaware of this information as Election Day approached, which had an obvious effect on the outcome. Any credible news outlet would at least ask the question: Is anything in this report true? If so, how dangerous is that for America? Instead, a major media company, with an agenda to advance, set out to destroy a researcher and discredit an explosive report that questioned the shady dealings of a major party’s presidential candidate and his family.

Who benefits from that hit piece from NBC News? The Biden-Harris ticket, and the Chinese Communist Party.

hHow NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story

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