Americans Panic Search 80% Lowers For Guns As Restriction Fears Soar

Gun sales soar whenever a leftist commie wins an election. Guns, Gun Parts, Reloading, and Ammo are fast disappearing from the store shelves. Keep a sharp eye out for private sales.

Source: ZeroHedge

Unserialized 80% lower receivers for firearms purchased online as “ghost gun kits” can be milled at home with no specialized skills required. In a few hours, anyone, with the right tools and the upper receiver and other internal parts, can have a fully operational gun that the government cannot track. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) does not classify unfinished receivers as firearms, allowing anyone to purchase them online without a background check – this has undoubtedly terrified the government over the years. 

According to AmmoLand, a recent ATF conference call with Acting Director Regina Lombardo and others made it clear that the Biden transition team has notified the agency to prepare for new “top priorities” in the year ahead. 

AmmoLand’s sources said Lombardo told those on the conference call that her top priorities would be pistol braces and 80% lower receivers. 

AR-15 80% Lower Reciever 

Focusing on 80% lower receivers, “Democrats claim that these guns are “ghost guns” only possessed by criminals. The use of firearms made from 80% lower receivers by criminals is exceedingly rare. Nine out of ten firearms used in a crime are stolen,” AmmoLand said. 

For years, the ATF has been itching to regulate 80% lower receivers but lacked the political power to do so until now – that is – because a Biden presidency could mean reclassification of 80% lower receivers and kits that could be labeled as a “firearm.” If so, this would mean these unfinished frames and receivers are subject to background checks, serial numbers, and other gun laws.

Since October, internet searches in the US for “80% lower” have exploded to new highs on fears a Biden presidency would clamp down on ghost guns. 

On gun website 80%Lowers, many of their AR-15 80% lowers appear to be “out of stock.” 

Weeks ago, we pointed out gun shortages still persist, along with certain ammo is still hard to find or just super inflated in price, resulting in a surge of internet searches of people figuring out how to reload their own ammo. 

While the ATF could regulate 80% lower receivers under a Biden presidency – good luck attempting to regulate 3D printed firearms that anyone can make at home. 

Americans Panic Search 80% Lowers For Guns As Restriction Fears Soar