Monolith Appears in Pittsburgh

Looks like a couple of drunks stumbled out of a Strip District bar….Staggered down to their garage….Then slapped together some sheet metal with muffler tape!!!!!

source: KDKA TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – All around the globe, people have become fascinated with mysterious monoliths popping up in seemingly random locations.

At first, it was a remote location in Utah, then another in Romania, and another popped up in a California park.

Now, one has appeared right here in Pittsburgh.

A monolith appeared outside of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in the Strip District.

The candy shop owner himself put up the monolith!!!

In a video posted to the shop’s Facebook page, they claim it mysteriously appeared in front of the store the other day.

You may be asking yourself – “what is a monolith?”

Well, it’s fairly simple.

A monolith is a single, large stone or piece of metal in the forum [form…… news writers are idiots!] of a column.

Monolith Mysteriously Appears In Pittsburgh’s Strip District

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