Portland: Worst Stolen Car Rate per Capita in US

Portland: Libland epicenter and car heist capital of the country!!!

source: Fox News

The report used data from the 2017-2019 FBI Uniform Crime Reports and ranked the top 15 metro areas with populations of a million or more, excluding Denver due to a lack of data.

Portland had an average of 487 thefts per 100,000 residents during the period and was followed by San Jose, Calif., at 483 and Seattle at 473. Salt Lake City and San Francisco rounded out the top five with 465 and 456, respectively.

The top 15 cities had a three-year average of 413, which compares to 251 for all big cities covered by the report.

In total, 557,013 vehicles were stolen in the 15 cities listed below from 2017 through 2019.

  1. Portland, OR
  2. San Jose, CA
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. Salt Lake City, UT     
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Riverside, CA
  7. Las Vegas, NV
  8. Memphis, TN
  9. Louisville, KY  
  10. Los Angeles, CA 
  11. Oklahoma City, OK
  12. Milwaukee, WI 
  13. San Antonio, TX 
  14. New Orleans, LA
  15. Tucson, AZ

Portland looks nice enough……. BUT!!!!!

Skyline of Portland Oregon reflects in the Willamette River at dusk

Portland has worst stolen-car rate per capita in US

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