Hundreds Busted At Illegal NYC Club

NYC Sheriff’s Office busts an underground swingers club!

Everyone got caught with their pants down!!!

source: Daily Caller

Roughly 400 people at an illegal club [swingers club…..TMZ….Click here] in Midtown New York City were busted Saturday morning, NBC New York reported.

The New York City Sheriff’s Office tweeted that they arrested four organizers for holding a large gathering, which is against both city and state orders, and for serving liquor without a license, according to the NBC affiliate.

The news comes amid a nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases, with the U.S. passing four million cases in November alone, according to New York Times coronavirus data.

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Sunday that the city recorded 1,636 new COVID-19 cases, adding the city’s seven-day positivity rate is 3.9%. Both numbers are up from what the mayor announced Saturday.

Authorities broke up another party Nov. 26, where 76 people were found gathering illegally. The Sheriff’s Office tweeted that five people were arrested. On Nov 16, authorities busted a 200-person gathering at an unlicensed NYC fight club. The club’s CEO, Michael Roman, and nine others were arrested, according to NBC New York.

Hundreds Busted At Illegal NYC Club

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