PA Lt. Governor: Trump Campaign’s Legal Arguments ‘Shredded In Every Court That They’re Dumb Enough to Step Into’

Says the former mayor of Braddock, PA!

But Fetterman does have a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard….. So there’s that!

source: MSN/Newsweek

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a Democrat, said he hopes President Donald Trump and Republicans appeal their unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud to the U.S. Supreme Court, asserting that their arguments “get shredded” in every court.

Efforts by Trump and Republicans to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania were again rejected by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia on Friday and by the state’s Supreme Court on Saturday. In the appeals court case, Trump appointee Judge Stephanos Bibas penned a scathing rebuke of the campaign’s lawsuit. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” he wrote.

“If the Trump campaign doesn’t stop losing, the Cleveland Browns are gonna sue them for trademark infringement.”

John Fetterman (D)
PA Lieutenant Governor

Despite dozens of lawsuits being filed in multiple battleground states, the campaign has failed to provide evidence of widespread fraud—with nearly all of the cases rejected by judges.

“”I hope they do [appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court]…..I hope they do and they’re going to get their clock cleaned there the way they did here in Pennsylvania.”

John Fetterman (D)
PA Lieutenant Governor

Fetterman also dismissed an effort by some GOP state lawmakers in Pennsylvania to put forward a resolution to dispute the election results. He pointed out that the proposal had minimal support and wasn’t going anywhere.

“When they’re in court, they don’t allege that any fraud occurred………That’s what’s so funny. When they’re actually forced to produce evidence—they sidestep that.”

John Fetterman (D)
PA Lieutenant Governor

Fetterman said the Trump campaign’s legal arguments “get shredded in every court that they’re dumb enough to step into.”

Newsweek reached out to the Trump campaign for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the election just over three weeks ago, after Fox News, the Associated Press and other television networks called Pennsylvania and Nevada for the Democratic challenger. That pushed Biden past the 270 electoral vote threshold to become the winner of the Electoral College. But Trump has refused to concede, claiming—without providing evidence—that Biden’s victory was the result of widespread fraud.

Democratic and Republican election officials have pushed back against these baseless allegations. But the Trump campaign has put forward a litany of unsuccessful legal challenges as the president attempts to undermine the integrity of the election results.

Even some of the president’s close allies and friends have strongly criticized his legal team. Last Sunday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who helped Trump prepare for a September debate against Biden, told ABC News that the president’s legal team had become a “national embarrassment.” The same day, Geraldo Rivera, a friend of Trump’s who is a correspondent-at-large for Fox News, described the campaign’s legal claims as “from the far side of the moon.”

Trump Campaign’s Legal Arguments ‘Shredded In Every Court That They’re Dumb Enough to Step Into’: PA Lt. Governor

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