Teen Shows Up At Police Department, Threatens Cops With Knife Before Pulling Gun

I had many laughs while reading this story. From the teen ‘stabbing’ the glass door in the lobby, to the police calling for assistance from two counties and waited until they showed up before confronting the Teen. Perhaps the Winters PD in Winters CA should be defunded. Sheesh!

Source: The Police Tribune

A knife-wielding 17-year-old boy kicked and stabbed the locked glass doors of the Winters Police Department (WPD) on Sunday while threatening to kill the officers inside, according to the department.

The incident began at about 6:35 p.m., when the teen showed up at the closed WPD lobby armed with a knife, the department said in a press release.

Officers quickly spotted the three-inch blade as they made their way out to the lobby area to make contact with the teen through the glass.

“The subject repeatedly yelled he wanted to kill the officers, stabbing and kicking the glass doors to the lobby multiple times,”

Winters PD Statement

The officers attempted to deescalate the situation by negotiating with the teen as they waited for deputies from Yolo County and Solano County to respond to the station.

  • At one point during the tense encounter, the suspect “drew a handgun from his front pocket and briefly displayed it but did not point it at the officers,” according to the press release.
  • He ultimately hurled the gun into the bushes nearby, but continued to hold the knife “in a threatening manner” while continuing his threats to kill the officers, the WPD said.

The knife-wielding attacker took off on foot on North Main Street as soon as he heard the sirens of the first responding deputy’s patrol car, according to police.

  • “Due to the imminent danger he posed to the public, Winters officers pursued the subject on foot and the deputy joined the pursuit in his vehicle,” the WPD said.
  • One of the officers tried to tase the suspect as he ran east on Aster Way, but the attempt was unsuccessful.
  • As police brawled with the armed, combative suspect, one of the deputies discharged his firearm, according to police.
  • The suspect was not struck by the bullet and police were able to take him into custody.

Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. The Keystone Kops got nothing on the Winters PD!

He continued fighting with them after he was handcuffed, according to police.

Police allegedly recovered his knife at the scene, and located the gun he’d thrown into the bushes.

Investigators determined the gun was a replica.

The suspect and multiple officers suffered minor injuries during the fight, according to the WPD.

The teen was cleared at a local hospital prior to being booked into the Yolo County Juvenile Detention Center.

He has been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and felony resisting an officer by threat or violence.

The YPD and the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

Teen Shows Up At Police Department, Threatens Cops With Knife Before Pulling Gun