Pastor Turns Church Into ‘Strip Club’ To Avert Lockdown Order

Take it off, Baby! Amid cheers and shouts the congregation supports their Pastor and he twists, shakes, and strips … well, sorta kinda.

Source: WND

For a brief moment, a California pastor turned his church into a “strip club” so it could be deemed an “essential” business and remain open amid the state’s discriminatory COVID-19 lockdown.

Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Ventura County, reported the blog RedState, noted that strip-club owners in the state have challenged the shutdown in court on First Amendment grounds, winning a temporary order Nov. 12 from a Superior Court judge that allowed them to reopen

Based on that ruling, McCoy decided to “take a chance,” the report said.

  • Crediting former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with the idea, he played a clip from the Fox News show “Hannity” in which Huckabee explained “a church could announce that their pastor would remove his tie during the sermon, and since he was taking off an article of clothing, that would make the church a temporary strip club and therefore it would be legal for the parishioners to attend services.”

McCoy took of his tie and threw it into the audience.

  • “After a few good laughs, McCoy’s message focused on the increased persecution churches face during the pandemic shutdowns and the tyrannical rule being embraced by so many on both sides of the aisle,” the report said.

Some churches have continued to meet in defiance of the orders, RedState reported.

The video is here (the stunt takes only about a minute, but viewers have recommended watching the sermon, too):

The ‘Strip’ begins about the 3:00 mark

RedState said that since the enactment of various shutdowns and stay-at-home orders to “slow the spread” of the Wuhan flu, “the list of businesses and activities considered ‘essential’ has been illogical at best.”

In California, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores have remained open, while gyms and churches have been shut down.

Pastor Turns Church Into ‘Strip Club’ To Avert Lockdown Order