Puppy Love!: Adorable Moment Baby Boy Gets a Dog for His Birthday

Who’s yer buddy?

source: Daily Mail UK

  • Baby Frem can’t believe his eyes after pup is revealed to be inside the gift box 
  • His US parents tell him to reach into the box to find out what is inside  
  • As he reaches out to the puppy affectionately toddler lets out squeals of delight   
  • Pair are instantly inseparable as they start to roll around on the rug playfully

This is the adorable moment a baby boy can’t contain his excitement with continuous chuckles upon meeting his tiny new puppy for the first time.

In the footage shot in the US, cute little Frem is curious as his father lowers him down onto the floor by his first birthday present in the shape of a large white wrapped up gift box complete with a blue bow.

Filming the clip, the woman encourages Frem to find out what’s inside and says: ‘It’s your birthday present – what’s in it? Let’s find out, let’s open it.’

As the lid is removed, a tiny puppy lifts its head and gently lets out a whine. Wide-eyed Frem looks up at the camera and back to the box in amazement.

The feeling is mutual as the puppy eagerly reaches out to him excitedly by way of greeting his new best pal.

Within seconds the toddler erupts in fits of giggles as the puppy shows his own excitement at meeting new playmate Frem trying to get out of the box.

But the real bonding session gets into full swing when the puppy is lifted out of the box and lowered onto the floor to join Frem and the pair roll around on the rug playfully.

Best birthday present ever: Baby Frem meet his new best pal for the first time and is instantly smitten

The heartwarming 50 second clip uploaded onto TikTok by Jack Frank has already been viewed 10.6million times since it was uploaded 24 hours ago.

Viewers gushed at the instantly smitten pair and commented on how the footage made their hearts melt.

Hannah_sarte excitedly pointed out: ‘They’re gonna grow up together!’ while Youginn Duke said: ‘Bro this has just made my day.’

Bonding time: The baby and puppy cannot contain their excitement at meeting for the first time

Courtney Ausman said: ‘My heart is literally melting’ and Natalia said she couldn’t: ‘Wait to see them grow up together.’ 

Experts at the American Kennel Club say that both puppies and children have a strong lust for companionship and a desire for a playmate.  

Playtime: The real fun begins when the pup and Frem get to roll around on the rug and play and laugh to their hearts content

The relationship created between the two is special and offers both amazing physical and psychological advantages for their development. 

And looking at this delightful duo, you can tell they’ve already begun to forge a strong bond for years to come. 

Puppy love! Adorable moment baby boy gets a dog for his birthday – and the two are instant best pals

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