You Can Now Pay $125,000 A Ticket For An Underwater Expedition To The Titanic

If that’s what floats your boat, then go for it, I guess

Source: ZeroHedge

Today in “proof that the wealth gap is widening further and that people have too much money on their hands” news…

The Titanic, more than 100 years after sinking while traveling from England to New York in 1912, is once again being turned into a tourist destination. Hopefully, this time around it works out a little better. 

Yes, for $125,000 per ticket, you can now go back and re-live the world’s most famous maritime disaster, according to Sputnik News. In fact, there may be something fitting about re-living a massive disaster in 2020, but we digress. 

US civilian undersea exploration company OceanGate Expeditions is planning the trips for May 2021. The company is reportedly planning on six different dives to the wreck. They aim not only to cash in from tourists, but also to “conduct scientific research on sea life around the Titanic and create a 3-D model of its debris”.

“All the bones are gone. There are no bodies down there. There are boots and shoes and clothes that show where people were 100 years ago, and that is very somber.”

Stockton Rush, President of OceanGate Expeditions

Actually it sounds kind of refreshing, relative to 2020 so far. 

  • He continued: “If this was just another money-losing wealthy person’s activity, I don’t see how it scales. We don’t take passengers, we don’t do trips, we don’t do rides. We’re doing an expedition.”
  • Those who pony up the cash for the trip will have to pass an interview process, the company’s dive chief said: “We don’t want someone who is used to being catered to—a prima donna. We don’t have chocolates on the pillow.”

Rush also said that half of the people who have already booked tickets are also already booked as tourists for Virgin Galactic’s $250,000 per person journey past the borders of space (because of course they have). Two ticket holders have even scaled Everest. “We have others who have not done a lot of adventure travel or have done minimally—a safari, or they have been to Antarctica,” he said. 

The trip will begin in Canada and will then sail 8 days to the Titanic’s wreckage. From there, there will be a 6 to 8 hour dive of the wreck.

You Can Now Pay $125,000 A Ticket For An Underwater Expedition To The Titanic