NHS Nurse Publicly Resigns, Blasts COVID Lockdown Policy

Good on her. She tired of lying about the Scamdemic and told her bosses to shove it. Waiting for some workers here in the states to do the same.

Source: ZeroHedge

An NHS nurse in Britain publicly resigned while wearing her uniform before releasing the real numbers of COVID patients in her hospital and denouncing the government’s disastrous lockdown policy.

The whole of England officially entered lockdown 2.0 today despite numerous experts warning that lockdowns will eventually end up killing more people than coronavirus itself.

A video out of Cornwall shows a nurse in uniform giving a speech explaining why she decided to resign from her job.

  • “I don’t need the uniform to prove that I work for them, but today, I’m publicly resigning,” she stated.

The nurse then revealed how she received an email from her bosses demanding an explanation as to why she was being critical of official COVID policy and that people were “reporting” her.

“Unfortunately I can’t lie anymore,”

  • “Unfortunately I can’t lie anymore,” said the nurse, explaining how she took a screenshot of internal hospital data showing there were just three people across three hospitals in the region infected with COVID.

The total deaths from these three hospitals across the last 7 months is just 76 people, roughly 10 deaths a month, according to the nurse, who questioned why it was necessary for her region to go into lockdown given such sparse figures.

  • “I’ve decided there’s no point, I have gone against the rules within the NHS, I have shared confidential information that people need to see,” said the nurse, adding that other doctors and nurses were trying to speak out.

As we highlighted earlier, the enforcement of a new lockdown is likely to bring with it more draconian measures of enforcement.

A woman in Skipton was threatened with a police visit for not downloading the NHS COVID ‘track and trace’ app, while another woman in Wales was questioned by police on whether buying custard counted as an ‘essential purchase’.

NHS Nurse Publicly Resigns, Blasts COVID Lockdown Policy