Protesters In Minneapolis Claim America Is Dead

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Source: Law Officer

A group of protesters set off fireworks and spray-painted business storefronts in Minneapolis on Tuesday night, leading to the arrest of 14 people, police said.

A few dozen protesters marched through the city’s Uptown neighborhood, lighting fireworks and carrying a banner that read “America is Over” as presidential election results started to come in.

The protesters also blocked traffic, spray-painted storefronts, and threw traffic signs and debris into the streets, police told Fox News in a statement.

Police at the scene maintained their distance from the protesters until members of the group shot firecrackers at officers and refused to obey orders, police spokesman John Elder said in the press release.

Police arrested 12 adult females and one adult male on suspicion of rioting. One adult female was also arrested for fourth-degree assault in addition to the rioting suspicion charge, according to Fox.

A crowd of onlookers yelled at police as officers processed those who were arrested, but there was no violence at the scene, FOX9 reporter Karen Scullin tweeted.

Civil unrest was sparked in cities across the country as the 2020 presidential election results were underway.

Protesters In Minneapolis Claim America Is Dead