University Offers Mental Health Services To Cope With Election Results

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Source: WND

In preparation for Election Day, George Washington University is informing students of mental-health services that will be available to help them cope with the results and urging them to stock up on basic supplies.

The email to students, obtained by the Daily Caller, recommends having “at least one week of food, supplies and medicine” stored in their rooms.

  • “You or your friends may experience a number of reactions following the election,” the email reads.
  • “Having a reaction is both normal and expected.
  • Sometimes emotional aftershocks or stress reactions appear immediately and some may appear in a few hours or several days/weeks after.”

“Academic assistance” also will be available to students who may face “academic difficulty that may be related to election related activity.”

The university suggests “preparing for the Election Day period as you would for a hurricane or a snowstorm that would prevent you from going outside for several days to grab food or order takeout.”

Beginning Tuesday, students should be cautious of their physical surroundings, the email says.

Students who “want to protest,” the university advises, should dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes and stay with a group.

University Offers Mental Health Services To Cope With Election Results