Public Park Banned Blind Woman For Sharing Her Faith

The Dems have removed God from their platform and expect the rest of America to do the same. That ain’t gonna happen!

Source: WND

A blind woman who was banned from a public park in Rhode Island for talking to people about her Christian faith has reached a settlement in her discrimination lawsuit that lifts the ban.

First Liberty Institute, representing Gail Blair, said Thursday it reached an agreement with the Westerly Memorial and Library Association.

“Blair had been banned from the park and threatened with arrest for having conversations with others about Jesus during which she would offer them a small copy of the Gospel of John,” First Liberty said.

  • Association officials called the police June 24, 2019, claiming Blair “acost[ed]” patrons by “stopping” and “giving them religious pamphlets.”
  • “We commend the Rhode Island’s Memorial and Library Association for resolving the case and recognizing our client’s religious liberty,” said First Liberty special counsel Jeremy Dys.
  • “Our client is thrilled that she can once again enter the park across the street from her home and talk with other visitors.”

Blair, 63, filed a charge of discrimination with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights alleging the association violated Rhode Island’s laws for places of public accommodation, discriminating on the basis of religion and disability.

  • Blair said in a statement she is “thankful to First Liberty Institute and all my attorneys for fighting on my behalf and look forward to once again spending time in the park and sharing my faith in Jesus with those who are interested in having the conversation.”

Public Park Banned Blind Woman For Sharing Her Faith