CNN’s Not Even Pretending Anymore

Commie News Network is working hard to live up to their nickname.

Source: ZeroHedge

Repress (use force to extinguish alternate views), Suppress (prevent normal expression), Depress (force ‘the other’ into submission by collapsing the Overton Window)… that appears the modus operandi of the mainstream media as we enter the vinegar strokes of this ‘unusual’ presidential election.

Nowhere was this strategy better exhibited than on CNN this week when Christiane Amanpour sparred with Liz Harrington over the Hunter Biden scandal revelations. Amanpour disparaged Harrington as liberals do: “You actually sound like you’re on a Fox News show.”

Translation: you’re spreading crazy conservative conspiracies…

Amanpour then embarrassed herself further as the CNN anchor accused the Trump campaign of “spreading Russian disinformation”…

  • Pretty audacious of CNN — who spread actual Russian disinformation w/the leak of the dossier set up briefing in Trump tower to subvert the peaceful transition of power — to accuse anyone else of spreading Russian disinformation. And the emails about the “big guy” are real, btw.”

Harrington added:

  • Why don’t you want to report this? This is one of the most powerful families in Washington,” she asked.
  • “And you’re okay with our interests being sold out to profit Joe Biden and his family, while we’re suffering during a pandemic from communist China?”

Watch the full clip here…

Glenn Greenwald – one of the few ‘reporters’ left – noticed the sham:

  • “The only silver lining in all of this is that media outlets are so desperate to help Biden win that they’re not even pretending anymore. No pretense. There’s great clarity in that. “

So, with the unquestionable Amanpour having embarrassed herself, here’s another reporter – WSJ’s Kimberley Strassel – showing the world what ‘reporting’ actually should look like…

CNN’s Not Even Pretending Anymore