BLM Invades Affluent Portland Suburb, Demand Allegiance From Shoppers And Diners

Why would a non-racist person white person pledge allegiance to a racist colored organization. Fuck BLM and Fuck Martin Luther King. White and Proud, muthafuckers!

Source: ZeroHedge

BLM is back at it again – changing hearts and minds by marching into suburban Lake Oswego, Oregon – approximately eight miles south of Portland – to demand allegiance from shoppers and diners who will now surely vote for Joe ‘Racial Jungle’ Biden after recognizing their inner bigots.

According to, Breitbart and The Oregonian, the wealthy Portland suburb surrounding the 405-acre Oswego Lake was targeted by BLM, which distributed flyers promising to “fuck shit up” on Sunday.

  • According to The Oregonian, protest organizer Demetria Hester said “The march was about showing Lake Oswego residents that Black lives matter all the time, and about making racists uncomfortable.

Approximately 100 protesters marched through the streets of downtown and into residential neighborhoods, according to KGW8

  • One of the Moms United for Black Lives carried a bullhorn and yelled at one man who was walking by: “Excuse me, Sir? Are you anti-racists? Can I get a Black Lives Matter?” He kept walking but it sounded like he answered, “Yes.”
  • She asked someone else, “How ’bout you?! Do Black Lives Matter?”
  • She then turned her sights on a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table on the corner.
  • The protesters surrounded the woman and mocked her as she recorded them with her phone. One of them said, “Damn! She’s super anxious!”
  • They asked her her name, and added, “Does your kid go to LO (Lake Osweg0) High? Do your kids go to LO High? Do they go to LO High?”
  • “Are they judgmental like you?” they continued. –Breitbart

So, vote for Joe?

BLM Invades Affluent Portland Suburb, Demand Allegiance From Shoppers And Diners