Delta Bans 460 Anti-Maskers

Can you say ‘bankruptcy’?

I knew ya could!

Delta is losing $30 Million a day! They need every passenger they can get….. Unless they are waiting for Uncle Sam to bail them out.

source: CNN Business

July 10 interview

In a new memo, Delta Air Lines says it has banned more than 400 people from flying for not following the airline’s mask policy.

“As of this week, we’ve added 460 people to our no-fly list for refusing to comply with our mask requirement.” 

Ed Bastian
Delta CEO

In August, the airline said it had banned roughly 270 passengers since the outset of the pandemic. Delta (DAL) began requiring that passengers wear masks on flights on May 4. All major airlines now mandate that passengers wear masks in the absence of any new regulations from the federal government.

Airlines in June agreed to ban passengers from future flights for refusing to wear masks. But the airlines are not sharing information with one another about the passengers they have banned. So, for example, a passenger banned on Delta can still book a flight on American (AAL) and vice versa.

The airlines have defended the get-tough policy as important to protect the health and safety of both passengers and crew members.

Earlier this month, the CDC said in new guidance that travel “increases your chances of getting and spreading” coronavirus. “CDC strongly recommends appropriate masks be worn by all passengers and by all personnel operating the conveyance while on public conveyances,” the guidance said.

Delta Bans 460 Anti-Maskers

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