Florida State Trooper Takes Down Motorcyclist With Flying Tackle

This Florida State Trooper just out-tackled the entire NFL for the last 20 years!!! SAAAAAAAAAA-LUTE!

Source: The Police Tribune

Delray Beach, FL – A Florida state trooper brought a high-speed chase to an end on Sunday by ramming a biker’s motorcycle with a patrol car, then tackling him to the ground with a head-first flying leap (video below).

The stunning move took place on the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 near Delray Beach on Oct. 18, WPEC reported.

Hundreds of riders had converged in the area for what they described as a breast cancer charity ride, but videos from the event showed riders performing wheelies and other risky stunts, according to the news outlet.

One of the riders who participated in and recorded the event, Kyle James of Empire Visuals Stunt, admitted to WPEC that it is commonplace for their group to break traffic laws, to include blazing through red lights.

  • “I’m not trying to justify it at all. It’s not legal,” James acknowledged.
  • “We’re out there having fun and sometimes the cops do get upset.
  • Sometimes it looks like we’re getting out of hand, so they want to make a point, but that’s not how you do it.”

Hundreds of riders participated in Sunday’s event, according to WPEC.

James was recording as troopers sped down the left shoulder of the interstate past him and other riders who were on motorcycles and various off-road vehicles.

A moment later, one of the troopers used a patrol car to knock a rider towards the median, sending the bike into a skid, the video showed.

The trooper pulled across the traffic lane immediately after the precision hit, just as the rider was jumping back onto his motorcycle.

Another video showed one of the troopers as he leapt through the air head-first – over the suspect’s bike – and tackled the rider to the pavement.

It is unclear why troopers were pursuing the rider and what possible charges he might have been arrested on, WPEC reported.

James said he thinks the rider who was tackled was simply “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

  • “I just think they rushed to the front of the pack. He was at the front,” he told WPEC. “He was one of the first people they got to, and was trying to run him off the road and he got hit.”

Another rider blamed the troopers for allegedly creating a dangerous situation for them and for the rider they stopped.

  • “It could’ve been way worse than it was. It could have hit more people in the crowd,” she told WPEC. “It was in front of us, and there were hundreds of people riding.”

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Florida State Trooper Takes Down Motorcyclist With Flying Tackle