The City Will Be On Fire: New Yorkers Prep To Flee Homes To Avoid Post-Election Rioting

Well Duuuuuh! Of course cities will burn after the election. There is no slap down or consequences for the rioting and burning that has already taken place. This is FUCKING pitiful to allow this shit to go on. Return to LETHAL FORCE as a deterrent to these leftist terrorists. Drop ’em in the same flames they start and let them burn.

Source: WND

New Yorkers are purportedly making plans to escape the city ahead of potential election day violence and protests, according to the New York Post.

Paulo Wei, 25, is planning on avoiding unrest by leaving his luxury building on the Upper West Side for his family’s 60-acre farm two hours north of the city, the Post reported Saturday.

  • “I felt trapped in the apartment — the protests were overwhelming,” Wei said, the Post reported.
  • “It could happen again and I don’t want to be caught up in that.
  • No matter who wins, someone is going to get upset.”

Andrea, 31, a Republican and public relations specialist of New York City’s Flatiron district, said she will leave for Tulum, Mexico, prior to Nov. 3, the Post reported. Her trip will span from Oct. 25 through Nov. 8.

  • “I went to my parents in New Jersey for about two weeks when the BLM protests got bad and the looting started.
  • So I definitely want to get out of here the week of the election,” Andrea said, the Post reported.”
  • “I’m thinking if Trump wins, it’s going to be a disaster — the city will be on fire. People are going to go nuts,” Andrea added, the Post reported.

Ooana Trien, 42, of Hell’s Kitchen has been at her family home in Fire Island, New York, since July, the Post reported.

Trien, a supporter of President Donald Trump, plans to mail in her ballot and welcome friends looking for an escape into her home, the Post reported. Her mother believes that regardless of the election results, protesters will attempt to burn down Trump Tower in New York City.

  • “I told my friends that whoever wanted to get out of the city was welcome here.
  • One friend who lives in Washington Heights is going to vote in the morning [on Nov. 3] and come straight up to the beach,” Trien said, the Post reported.

A leaked NYPD memo said officials are expecting protests to start as early as Oct. 25, and to continue into next year, the Post reported. The memo reportedly said officers should “be prepared for deployment,” the Post reported.

“This November 3rd will be one of the most highly contested presidential elections in the modern era. There is also a strong likelihood that the winner of the presidential election may not be decided for several weeks,” the memo said, the Post reported.

The City Will Be On Fire: New Yorkers Prep To Flee Homes To Avoid Post-Election Rioting