Rudy Guiliani: Details Devastating Case Against ‘Biden Crime Family’

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The Sopranos ain’t even in the same league as the Bidens!

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source: PJ Media

Unless you depend exclusively upon Facebook and Twitter for news, you’ve probably heard of the shocking story about Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with China and Ukraine and the alleged kick backs given to “pops,” former Vice President Joe Biden.

The New York Post‘s story has been dismissed out of hand by some in the mainstream media – especially the embarrassing story press release written by the man who helped usher in the false Flynn and Trump-Is-a-Russian-Secret-Agent stories, The Washington Post‘s David Ignatius.

The problem is that there’s actual testimonial evidence on Hunter Biden’s own laptop and if you don’t know the details of this you’ll want to stop everything and give Rudy Guiliani’s podcast a watch. See it below.

Twitter and Facebook have out-and-out censored the material from the Post, though it’s based on the junior Biden’s own laptop contents and confirmed by one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners.

The FBI has had the contents of the laptop since December and, to several angry Senators’ knowledge, has failed to investigate what Giuliani calls the Biden national security threat.

The photos of Hunter Biden sleeping with a crack pipe and videos of him having sex with someone while smoking crack is the sad side-show to what former federal prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called a national security threat should Joe Biden win the presidency.

He noted that it’s amazing that Democrats and the media were upset at the specter of Donald Trump being a national security threat for the fake Russian collusion story, but are clamming up now that there’s explosive evidence of the scam.

Giuliani outlined four big business deals during the time Biden was vice president because “that’s where the big money was made.” He made substantial amounts of money through the lobbying of his brother’s, the fact that his son had a no-show job for a major bank and several others.

Giuliani, a reliable Trump ally, says that each time Obama’s “point man” negotiated for the United States “and failed, the Biden crime family got millions of dollars” from the country Biden worked with. Giuliani says the kickbacks occurred in a housing deal in Iraq with Biden’s brother, who was “running an illegal lobbying operation.” Giuliani says the Ukrainian energy company Burisma deal with Hunter went on for years.” He outlined a deal with China in which Hunter Biden asked to get a key to the office for his dad and Jill Biden, which Giuliani says put the elder Biden in a direct business relationship with the highest echelons of the PRC. There’s more to this connection as you’ll see in the Giuliani video.

Giuliani says that “China has all of the photographs that we” have which makes him a “massive national security threat.”

Giuliani says there was evidence of how Joe Biden skimmed money from the family members he hooked up with international deals.

A text on the younger Biden’s laptop showed he gave a lot of the money to his dad.  (I’d show you a photo of it using a tweet, but Twitter has censored the story and suspending the accounts of those who promulgate the story. Therefore, I’ve included a link to my Parler account where you can see it. It’s also available as mentioned on Giuliani’s website.)

The text to his daughter Naomi reads in part, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.” [sic]

Another text reported in the Post has her asking for $150 to cover a Lyft ride because she’s broke.

“Yes I can but Naomi you ­really have to start to realize that once you are out of school the chances of you living like your father is a billionaire when he’s really given all his money away- is going to be a bit of a shock.”

She answers “I know, I promise I’ll do much better this year!”

The former federal prosecutor says the “Biden Crime Family,” should be investigated for federal racketeering violations.

“I know that [RICO] statute backwards and forwards and this is a perfect case for it because this Biden family was engaging in the business of crime. And their commodity? Joe’s public office. And Joe, you will see, shared in the proceeds which is clearly admitted by his co-conspirators.”

He said Hunter Biden’s dysfunction shows that the deals were never about the younger Biden but rather the Biden in the vice president’s office.

In short, what the photographs display is Hunter Biden, who is a very serious, I would say degenerate, crack addict. What that means is, he doesn’t get rehabilitated. When he goes into rehabilitation there are even photos of him going out at night and smoking crack. So it looks like all throughout the period of time we’re talking about when he was making millions and millions and millions of dollars, there would be pictures of him, sitting in a closet, smoking dope or engaged in sex while smoking crack with the woman, sometimes on his own.

It proves without any doubt  that none of this money was intended for Hunter Biden because nobody would pay this guy $10. … So there’s no way that some of the biggest criminals in the world are going to be paying him… So what commodity did Hunter have to sell? Pretty easy, isn’t it? The Vice Presidency of the United States. Which his brother, uh,  his uncle, Joe’s younger brother, had been doing for the prior 20 years. And that’s why this is a crime family.

Rudy Guiliani Details Devastating Case Against ‘Biden Crime Family’

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