T. Rex Skeleton Auctioned at Christie’s: $31.8 Million!

Calamity Jane did not place a bid…

Where the HELL would I put another T Rex?

source: CNET

Today, at Christie’s 20th Century sale, folks from New York to London got embroiled in a bidding war that took a T. rex skeleton named ‘Stan’ from a recommended $8 million price all the way through to an incredible $31.8 million.

Yes, you read that right. Someone out there was so keen on this T. rex they bid $31.8 million for it.

There’s “old” money, “new” money and then there’s “got enough cash to buy a T. rex skeleton” money.

The buyer has yet to be identified, but the price is understandable. Complete T. rex skeletons like “Stan” very rarely come to auction. According to the New York Times, the last time something comparable came to auction it went for just under $8 million, hence the price guide. 

“Stan” is 13 feet high, 40 feet long, and probably wouldn’t fit in my living room. But if you’ve got $31 milli in loose change, you’d expect to have space to house something of that size. 

“There simply aren’t T. rexes like this coming to market. It’s an incredibly rare event when a great one is found.”

James Hyslop
Christie’s Science & Natural History 

Apparently Stan has some puncture wounds in his skull, that seem to indicate he had a battle with another T. rex back in the day.

That’s it, take it back. I want a refund. Absolute disgrace.

T Rex Skeleton Auctioned at Christie’s: $31.8 Million!

Calamity Jane