‘Demonic’ Meltdown on US Flight: “We’re Going to (bleep) All Night”

At least this ‘sister’ wasn’t twerking. Video shows her standing on the seats and screeching “We’re going to fuck all night, Bitches” (or some such foolishness) as she thrusts her pelvis forward. She must be one of those ‘Black Queens’ we keep hearing about and is entertaining her ‘Queendom’.

Source: WND

In what’s being compared to a scene from “The Exorcist” horror film, video has emerged reportedly showing a woman on a Detroit-bound flight having an obscenity filled meltdown in the sky.

The video, posted online by WorldStarHipHop.com, shows the woman climbing the seats in the cabin of an unspecified airline, loudly screaming: “We’re going to [expletive] all night, [expletive].”

During the rant, the woman is seen grabbing the top of the overhead bins to gain leverage and thrust her hips forward, and at one point banging on the lockers. Some items appear to start falling out of the lockers when they open in mid-flight.

A flight attendant wearing a face mask reportedly asked the gal to take her seat, but the irate woman ignores her.

The freakout continued until three male passengers aboard the plane grab her and escort her toward the front of the aircraft.

“She must have took something,”


The headline on World Star Hip Hop’s video blares: “Woman Caught A Demon Inside Her & Spazzed Out On A Flight To Detroit!”

The site did not provide information about the airline or other details.

Some comments posted online include:

  • “Possessed for real.”
  • “The demons have been here for some time but have crossed over 2012 and have been taking over since then. The Mayan calendar was not about the world ending but the beings they worshiped entering this world at that date. Evil is on the rise at a rapid rate in the past couple years. Things will only get worse as they run a muck.”
  • “If she has a demon why [does] she need the seats to help her stand up? Shouldn’t she be floating?”
  • “That’s Red Bull drink kicking in ready to give her wings.”
  • “Guys, you didn’t give her a chance. She was about to tell you about BLM.”
  • “Escort her out the emergency exit.”

See the video here.


‘Demonic’ Meltdown on US Flight: “We’re Going to (bleep) All Night”