Why Are So Many American Voters Politically Homeless?

Really? Because on the left we have the commies/socialists and on the right we have liars, grifters, and eunuchs intent on creating a New World Order where they are controlling the world and profiting off of the same. Neither side is good for America. ‘We the People’ fight, bleed, and die for America and the Constitution. It is about time congress critters recognize that or live by the rope and die by the rope.

Source: ZeroHedge

The Ron Paul Institute’s Daniel McAdams joined Peter Lavelle on the “The Gaggle” this week to discuss the questions: Why is it that so many Americans are completely disgusted with both political parties? What will it take to wake the US political class up? 

  • “It’s the two worse campaigns I’ve ever seen in my lifetime… What’s remarkably absent is policy,” they observed. “Is it they don’t really care? Because there’s no downside from not caring.”
  • “There really isn’t that much difference in policy between the two parties,” McAdams underscored, adding that both represent the Warfare-Welfare state.

“First of all the single largest voting block is not voting. The majority of people don’t vote in elections. And that tells you something about the alienation people have. That also tells us a lot of people feel politically homeless.”

They look at these major parties and first of all they don’t see a big choice as far as policy… look at the two conventions, no policy there.”

Murray Rothbard on Welfare-Warfare: “…enormous government spending and military-industrial pump priming, and the permanent cold war, and so we then have the plans for a permanent peacetime welfare-warfare state – a corporate state – pushed through of course by partnership of these powerful forces plus intellectuals, done by means of wartime crisis.”

“What is the choice being given to people, particularly when we are at the nexus of a crisis?” Lavelle questions.

Why Are So Many American Voters Politically Homeless?