White Student Told She Can’t Have Opinion Because of Her Race

Ooooh, if this were in America, instead of the UK, this student could be party to a hellatious law suit and win a humongous settlement. That is what has to begin happening to these schools and businesses, etc when they fall back on racist reactions and penalties to white folk. Hit’em where it hurts … pocket book!

Source: WND

A white student has been told she doesn’t have a right to an opinion – on a socially significant issue – because she’s white.

The stunning situation was captured by Summit News, where Paul Joseph Watson explained the student’s grandmother confronted the teacher “about how she told a student she didn’t have a right to an opinion because she was ‘white’ and ‘blonde.'”

The video:

The report explained the dispute was over what the grandmother called this “BLM crap.”

In the telephone call, the grandmother accused the teacher of telling the student “she had no right to express an opinion on the issue because she’s British, white and has blonde hair.”

The teacher waffles on what she said, claiming not to remember.

But the teacher then accuses the student, named Kelsey, of having white privilege and noting that she didn’t live through the experiences of other girls.

“It subsequently emerged that Kelsey had refused to honor Black Lives Matter and the teacher had immediately [taken] the black student’s side because ‘Kelsey isn’t in a position to know how black girls feel,'” the report said.

A commentary at VidMax said:

  • This was the moment the grandmother of an English student by the name of Kelsey Murphy called and confronted a teacher who told Kelsey she has no right to her opinion because she’s white.
  • The phone call starts out with the grandmother stating Kelsey had not been to school because of ‘this BLM crap’ and had been crying.
  • The grandmother then claims she has a video of the teacher telling young Kelsey she has no right to an opinion because she’s white and she was born in England and has blond hair
  • The teacher first plays ignorant, pretending to not remember but then eventually admits to the foul display.
  • The teacher then tries to justify her actions by saying there was some sort of dispute between Kelsey and another girl, who apparently was black and the teacher accused Kelsey of having white privilege and not knowing what the other girl had been through in her experiences.
  • In the end, everything becomes clear: the teacher was triggered when Kelsey refused to bow before the altar of Black Lives Matter and paid the price of feeling racism towards herself and her color.

White Student Told She Can’t Have Opinion Because of Her Race