Wealthy BLM Protester’s Notes Reveal Plan To Occupy Luxury NYC Apartments

As long as local governments and police pander to these anarchist rioters, they will continue escalating their thuggery. They really need a good ol’ Ass Whupping.

Source: New York Post

Notes seized from a wealthy young woman accused of rioting in Lower Manhattan reveal plans to take over vacant luxury apartments abandoned due to “white flight” — and defend them by tossing bricks off rooftops, The Post has learned.

Other tactics detailed in Clara Kraebber’s notes include wearing “casual attire” before changing into black at the scene of a protest and monitoring police radio frequencies, law enforcement sources said.

The dozens of handwritten pages also outline a “revolutionary strategy” that cites the repressive Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky as inspiration, law enforcement sources said.

  • “These are domestic terrorists looking to turn NYC into another Portland and Seattle,” said one source familiar with the writings.
  • “This is a planned conspiracy and the FBI should be investigating.”

Cops found the notes following the Sept. 4 arrest of Kraebber, a 20-year-old Upper East Side resident and Rice University history major, sources said.

Kraebber is among eight people accused of smashing storefront windows during rioting that caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to at least five banks, two Starbucks coffee shops and a Duane Reade pharmacy.

The mayhem erupted amid a protest sponsored by the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, but Kraebber and most of the others are white and come from privileged backgrounds.

In her notes, Kraebber — the daughter of a child psychiatrist and an architect who own a second home in Litchfield County, Connecticut — wrote about building a “BLM focused” activist network for “wealth re-distribution,” sources said.

Her notes point to a “HUGE number of empty units” in “white flight apts, new luxury buildings” and include the instruction to “study tactics of clearing buildings.”

A moving truck on the Upper West Side

There are repeated references to “scouts” to find vacant and apartments and locksmiths to help break in, as well as the need to “prep for SWAT-style eviction efforts” through the use of movable “barricades” and “bricks on roofs as weapons,” sources said.

A page titled “Revolutionary Strategy” and dated Aug. 21 includes notes that say “Stalin — defend USSR at all costs” and “Trotsky — United front of all working class but don’t let capitalists in,” sources said.

There are repeated references to the Spanish Civil War, including an assertion that the failure of the Spanish revolution of 1936 was a “failure of leadership,” sources said.

“Some think actual revolution will be lead by more deliberate leadership,” Kraebber  wrote.

Kraebber also faulted the protests over the police killing of George Floyd, writing, “Minneapolis — lots of spontaneous radical energy but no leadership.”

The discovery of Kraebber’s notes led the NYPD to warn cops in a Wednesday email that they could face future incidents during which anarchists blend in with peaceful protesters to incite violence before changing into all-black clothing, sources said.

The “Officer Safety Alert” also said anarchists could listen in on police communications and stash rocks on rooftops to hurl at cops.

In addition, the NYPD said the homes of police brass could be targeted, as could patrons of Upper West Side restaurants — as happened Saturday in Pittsburgh, where diners were subjected to profane insults and one demonstrator even swiped a drink off an outdoor table.

  • Following her arrest on charges of felony rioting and misdemeanor possession of graffiti instruments, Kraebber was released with a summons to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on Dec. 3.
  • Her case hasn’t been entered into online court records and it’s unclear if she’s hired a defense lawyer.

Calls to her homes weren’t answered and emails sent to her parents weren’t returned Friday.

Wealthy BLM Protester’s Notes Reveal Plan To Occupy Luxury NYC Apartments