NFL Ratings Sacked As Season Opener Fails To Draw Viewers

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Source: ZeroHedge

Last weekend, we noted that primetime ratings for ‘woke’ Major League Baseball dropped over 30% – which joined the ‘woke’ NBA in a ratings disaster.

Now, the NFL appears to be suffering as well – with this year’s socially distanced season opener between the Kansas City Chiefs – the reigning Super Bowl champs, stomping the Houston Texans 34-20 with dismal ratings as well.

According to Deadline:

  • In early numbers, the primetime NBC game scored a 5.2 among adults 18-49 and 16.4 million viewers between 8 – 11 PM ET.
  • Now, those numbers for the 8:25 – 11:30 PM ET game itself will certainly be adjusted upward later, but right now that’s a 16.1% drop over the spectacle of the September 5, 2019 season opener among the advertiser rich demographic.
  • In an America still adjusting to the new normal of live sports in the era of COVID-19, last night’s Kansas City victory also fell 16.1% in total sets of eyeballs from last year’s fast affiliate results – but remember, those numbers will change later today. –Deadline

And while that -16.1% figure will undoubtedly improve as more data comes in, one would think viewership would increaseafter cooped-up Americans spent the last six months heavily consuming TV shows and movies (which were seemingly exhausted by the end of June).

Perhaps wokeness has taken its toll – as even a “racial unity” moment during last night’s game was booed by fans.

NFL Ratings Sacked As Season Opoener Fails To Draw Viewers