Car Drives Through Black Lives Matter Protesters: In Times Square

Just another day in the big city!

source: Fox News

A motorist drove through a crowd of protesters in New York’s Times Square on Thursday, according to videos posted to social media.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in the rain at the tourist hotspot Thursday night. A video of the incident shows some people on bicycles in front of a black Ford Taurus before the driver accelerates. The bicyclists appeared to try to prevent the car from moving forward.

The car stops and then speeds away.

It was not clear if anyone was injured, but at least one bike could be seen flying up into the air. People could be heard screaming and cursing in the video.

The New York Police Department tweeted the car was not an NYPD vehicle after protesters and some on social media speculated it could be, because of the bull bars in front, a feature among police cruisers.

The department said no complainants have reported the incident with authorities. It asked anyone who was injured to come forward.

Other social media posts estimated around 400 people attended the rally. The crowd regrouped after the incident and continued marching.

Car drives through Black Lives Matter protesters in Times Square

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