Maher & Moore Beg Dems To Wake Up: Enthusiasm For Trump Off The Charts!

Shhhhh!!!! Both y’all hush your mouth. We want to see the ‘splody mess when your dems wake up to see The Don is in office for another 4 years.

Source: ZeroHedge

As even The New York Times was reluctant to admit this week, the return of mass unrest and urban rioting in places like Kenosha, Portland, Seattle and D.C. is only serving to energize Trump’s base, and further to make his law-and-order message more appealing to fence-sitters. RealClearPolitics has Biden’s lead shrinking to 3 points in key battleground states after Biden led in June by a considerable nearly 7 points, according to its index of polls.

And more significantly, some of same Liberal and Progressive voices that tried to warn Democrats ahead of Trump’s “shock” 2016 victory are at it again, starting with filmmaker Michael Moore, who warned in a Facebook post on Friday using all caps that enthusiasm among Trump’s base is “OFF THE CHARTS!” 

Enthusiasm among Trump’s base is “OFF THE CHARTS!

Michael Moore

Moore begged Biden-supporters and never-Trumpers to “ACT NOW!” Crucially, Moore had in the lead-up to the 2016 election been an almost lone voice on the left predicting a Trump victory, but was dismissed, laughed at and ignored at the time.

Likely his listeners are not laughing now as he issues what he’s calling “a reality check again”. Pointing out that Trump is likely at least close to Biden if not pulling ahead in key states like Michigan and Minnesota — also states lately witnessing George Floyd protest-related riots, looting, and unrest — Moore said the following

Are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way Trump can win? Are you content with the trust you’ve placed in the DNC to pull this off?” 

  • “I’m warning you almost 10 weeks in advance. The enthusiasm level for the 60 million in Trump’s base is OFF THE CHARTS! For Joe, not so much,” he added, underscoring that this time his warning is coming even earlier than the similar statements that irked his audience in 2016.
  • “Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!”

Moore referenced recent CNN polling showing “Biden and Trump were in a virtual tie.”

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher had a similar warning, telling MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Friday that he’s nervous and “less confident” about a Biden victory  “the same way I was feeling four years ago,” he said.

“I don’t know if this stuff works, but it might,” Maher said.

“I am feeling less confident about this maybe it’s just their convention bump got to me, but I’m feeling less confident than I was a month ago.”

And the president himself highlighted the Maher statements on Twitter: “Leading in Michigan, leading in Minnesota, leading all over. Sorry!” Trump corrected.

And crucially the Libertarian-Left leaning Maher said something more important on his show Friday night. Let’s call this another inconvenient truth that Democrats simply don’t want to hear:

  • On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that Democrats “seem to be hesitant, in some ways…to condemn the looting.”
  • Maher said President Donald Trump seems to be running for re-election as “the law and order candidate. And are the Democrats facing that right? They seem to be hesitant, in some ways, for example, to condemn the looting. Because they understand what causes people to have the rage that would make them loot. Although, I don’t know why looting is always associated with the rage. I mean, sometimes they’re just taking shit, and it’s not people you would even think would need the shit.”

But like in 2016 we’re again dealing with a situation where never-Trumpers “don’t want to hear it”. 

  • “Sometime’s they’re just taking shit,” Maher emphasized of the looting in a number of major cities which appear to be giving the Trump campaign a big boost.

However, this is precisely the type of thinking that Moore and Maher appear to be warning their Liberal colleagues against, given this was by and large the mentality they observed leading into 2016 election day.

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As a reminder, below is precisely the I’m entitled to the presidency (like Hillary before) mentality Moore and Maher are highlighting:

Maher & Moore Beg Dems To Wake Up: Enthusiasm For Trump Off The Charts!