Chelsea Clinton: Reveals How she is Teaching Her Three ‘White Children of Privilege’ to ‘Erode That Privilege


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source: Daily Mail

  • The 40-year-old former First Faughter spoke with Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley on a ‘Women for Biden’ video call
  • She said her kids with husband Marc Mezvinsky — five-year-old Charlotte, four-year-old Aidan, and one-year-old Jasper — are ‘young but still citizens’
  • She taught them about the victory of the 19th Amendment but explained how it was ‘incomplete’ because it didn’t guarantee the right to vote for all 
  • As ‘white children of privilege,’ she wants them to ‘erode that privilege … to ensure more people are enfranchised and that equality isn’t just an ideal’ 
  • ‘These fight aren’t just in our history books. These are still active, ongoing fights,’ she said of voting rights 

Chelsea Clinton says she wants her three kids to understand that they are ‘white children of privilege’ — and to ‘erode that privilege throughout their lives’ in an effort to make sure that all Americans have the right to vote.

The 40-year-old former First Daughter spoke with Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley on a ‘Women for Biden’ video call today, and the two discussed the US’ history of voter suppression, and the ways some people still face challenges in voting today. 

Chelsea said that while she taught them about the importance of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, she also explained how that victory was ‘incomplete’ because many Americans have spent the decades since fighting for their right to vote.

‘My children are young,’ Chelsea said, according to Just The News, ‘but we believe that they’re young, but still citizens.

“So we talked about the ratification of the 19th Amendment, and Women’s Equality Day, and about how fundamentally incomplete that victory was. So not to say it wasn’t a victory and it wasn’t important, but that it was so fundamentally flawed.” 

Chelsea Clinton

She pointed out that while white women were awarded the right to vote in 1920, many other women — including black women and Native American women — were not. 

The 19th Amendment prohibited the government from denying the vote on the basis of sex — but it didn’t guarantee the vote to all. It didn’t ban local and state-level laws, like poll taxes and literacy tests, from being used to keep non-white voters from the polls.

These weren’t banned until the Voting Rights Act of 1964. 

Chelsea, who lives in New York with husband Marc Mezvinsky and their three children, also alluded to laws and hurdles that other Americans face when it comes to voting. 

“These fights aren’t just in our history books. These are still active, ongoing fights.” 

Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton reveals how she is teaching her three ‘white children of privilege’ to ‘erode that privilege throughout their lives’

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