Violent BLM Mob Attacks Rand Paul: Outside of the White House

This bullshit ain’t gonna end well!

source: Townhall

A Black Lives Matter mob attacked Republican Senator Rand Paul, his wife Kelley and a Washington D.C. Police Officer Thursday night after the RNC concluded the final night of the 2020 convention at the White House. 

President Trump gave his nomination acceptance speech earlier in the night from the South Lawn. Upon its conclusion around 12 a.m., attendees left the White House campus to walk to cars and hotels. They were also accosted and attacked.   

Earlier in the night, a mob fought with Secret Service agents in Lafayette Park, the location of previous riots in the city. Townhall‘s Julio Rosas was on the scene. 

This BLM shit needs to end NOW!!!!!

Violent BLM Mob Attacks Rand Paul, Others Outside of the White House

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