Democrat/Commies To Investigate Pompeo Over GOP Convention Speech

Have I told you how much I despise the democrats/commies? I would like to see open season on every one of them and have this Country go into mass production of ammo so we will have enough to kill them all. A long awaited purging of America!

Source: ZeroHedge

House Democrats are launching an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s upcoming speech at tonight’s Republican National Convention – not over the content of the speech, but whether it’s in violation of the Hatch Act and a breach of State Department regulations, according to The Hill.

  • Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs panel’s subcommittee of oversights and investigations, raised his concerns in a letter to Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun and requested information on the secretary’s planned remarks.
  • Pompeo is coming under scrutiny for taking time during official diplomatic travel in the Middle East to record remarks to be played at the GOP convention on Tuesday night. –The Hill

Pompeo is believed to have recorded several remarks from Jerusalem, possibly violating his own instructions that appointed State Department officials are barred from engaging in partisan political activities related to US elections. The State Department, however, says Pompeo is acting in his personal capacity and that taxpayer resources were not used for preparing or delivering the remarks.

The State Department prohibition was laid out in two memos, one of which was issued in December, 2019 from the Office of the Legal Adviser, which states in bold and italics that “Senate confirmed Presidential appointees may not even attend a political party convention or convention-related event.”

The second memo, signed by Pompeo in July, reiterates the points.

It’s absolutely unacceptable that a sitting U.S. Secretary of State, America’s top diplomat, would use official taxpayer-funded business to participate in a political party convention, particularly after the State Department published guidance that explicitly prohibits such activity,” Castro wrote to Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun.

“This action is part of a pattern of politicization of U.S foreign policy, for which President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, that undermines America’s standing in the world. The American people deserve a full investigation,” the letter continues.

Democrat/Commies To Investigate Pompeo Over GOP Convention Speech