College Cops To Monitor Off Campus Residences Who Don’t Comply With COVID Rules

Probably no different than now. If the off site residences are frat/sorority houses, the University holds some power over them. Now if I owned a bar or a restaurant and a University Cop came in and started barking orders, I would be a tad upset with Barney Fife.

Source: WND

The University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Police Department will monitor off-campus residences that are not complying with COVID-19 rules, the school announced in a Sunday statement.

Campus and city police forces will also be watching bars and restaurants that fail to comply with Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama’s COVID-19 protocols, University of Alabama President Stuart R. Bell said in a statement Sunday. Consequences for failure to comply include possible suspension as the most severe punishment.

“UAPD and the Tuscaloosa Police Department are partnering to monitor bars, restaurants and off-campus residences where the city’s COVID-19 ordinances and UA guidelines are not being followed”

Stuart Bell – UofA President
  • “Joint task force officers are risking their personal health and safety to protect yours. UAPD officers are also focusing efforts on our residence halls and Greek housing to ensure safety and compliance,” Bell continued.

Approximately 1% of the University of Alabama student population tested positive for the virus, according to an Aug. 21 statement from Bell. In Tuscaloosa, 401 coronavirus cases were reported in the last week, The New York Times reported on Monday.

All students, faculty and staff at the University of Alabama must wear masks and social distance, with some exceptions, according to the school’s website. Students returning to the university’s campus must be tested and take coronavirus training as well as register for the UA Healthcheck, according to the University of Alabama’s coronavirus enforcement rules.

For more than three violations, students could be suspended for one year, according to the University of Alabama. Student-group events taking place off-campus must receive permission from the vice president of student life and if they fail to adhere to the COVID-19 rules four times, the group will be suspended for one academic year.

Colleges across the country are taking extra precautions in order to prevent the virus’ spread. At Baylor University, students could be suspended or expelled if they fail to follow coronavirus restrictions, according to a school statement. The University of Notre Dame implemented a system where students, faculty or staff may report people who break the COVID-19 rules, a Notre Dame statement read.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department and the University of Alabama did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

College Cops To Monitor Off Campus Residences Who Don’t Comply With COVID Rules