Pro Football Hall of Famer Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit: Over Business Deal

Everything…….Everywhere seems to seethe racial discrimination and injustice!!!!!!

My head hurts!

source: USA Today

Jerome Bettis is taking on Pittsburgh-based energy giant EQT in what he says is a fight for racial justice – and an attempt to recoup significant money he says was lost after the termination of a business deal.

A trucking company partially owned by the Hall of Fame running back, IntegrServ, filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday alleging racial discrimination as the basis that resulted in EQT backing out of an agreement that began as a commitment to use minority-owned businesses. The suit seeks $66 million in damages.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers star and his brother, John, own 51% of IntegrServ.

“We brought the lawsuit to fight for what is right…….I have to stand up and say something when I see what I believe to be racial injustice. I am calling it out because it’s wrong and the time is now to do something about it.”

Jerome Bettis

The lawsuit claims EQT violated Section 1981 (a) of the Civil Rights Act, using a double standard in justifying the termination of its contract with IntegrServ. It also alleges EQT struck agreements with two of Bettis’ white partners to supply services previously contracted to IntegrServ.

EQT, which according to its website is the largest producer of natural gas in the nation, denies any wrongdoing.

“Integrserv’s lawsuit is entirely without merit and contains a number of false statements,” a spokesperson for EQT said in a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports. “The fact is that EQT is demonstrably committed to service provider diversity. In 2020, approximately 12% of our entire supplier spend to date – totaling approximately $40 million – has gone to over a hundred minority-owned businesses. Integrserv’s contract was terminated, along with a number of other contracts from non-minority owned businesses, as part of a program to drive efficiencies and accountability across EQT’s business.

“In addition, Integrserv mismanaged its fulfillment of the contract, which led to numerous safety failures. We are disappointed that Integrserv has chosen to respond by making serious, unsubstantiated allegations against EQT management and we will vigorously defend ourselves against this unwarranted lawsuit.”

Pro football Hall of Famer files racial discrimination lawsuit over business deal

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