Ventura Sheriff Patrol Car Rammed and Overturned By Driver of SUV

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Source: ZeroHedge

A suspect was arrested and charged with attempted murder yesterday after repeatedly ramming, and eventually overturning, a Venutra County Sheriff’s Department SUV, according to CBS Los Angeles

The Sheriff’s office says that a patrol sergeant was on duty at about 2AM on Los Angeles Avenue when, in what it is calling an “unprovoked attacked” he was rammed twice from behind, forcing the SUV to overturn. 

The sergeant was able to relay to dispatchers which direction the suspect was last seen heading and, as a result, a second deputy was able to find the suspect on eastbound Highway 126. The officer gave chase, which ultimately ended in a crash, and the suspect was taken into custody. 

  • Capt. Eric Buschow with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department told KEYT: “As the sergeant accelerated his patrol vehicle the suspect accelerated as well and then rammed into the back of the sergeant’s vehicle a second time. That action spun the patrol car around and caused it to flip onto its side.”
  • “Other deputies in the Fillmore area were able to spot the suspect vehicle in the Santa Paula area, and they tried to stop the vehicle and he didn’t stop and led them on a high-speed pursuit,” said Buschow.

The deputy had minor injuries and the suspect was identified as 29 year old Frankie Avalos. He was charged with suspicion of attempted murder of a police officer.

Frankie Avalos – Wannabe Cop Killer

“He was pulled out of the vehicle by rescue personnel from the fire department and taken to a local hospital. He suffered just minor injuries,” Buschow said of the officer.

Ventura Sheriff Patrol Car Rammed and Overturned By Driver of SUV