Girl Says Governor Grabbed Her Butt, Governor Denies ‘Disgraceful’ Claim

A battle coin in exchange for a free feel? The cheap bastard governor should at least offer up a weekend in the governor mansion … on the people of Montana.

Source: WND

Democratic Montana Gov. Steve Bullock denied an allegation Monday that he inappropriately touched a young woman at a Democratic governor’s gala.

  • “This did not happen, and it is disgraceful for Republicans to try and use this as a political attack by spreading it through partisan websites and right-wing social media accounts,” Bullock spokeswoman Olivia Bercow told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Bullock’s denial comes after a TikTok video of a young woman with the username “droopynuts” began circulating on Twitter. It appears that the video was initially shared by Twitter user Comfortably Smug. The woman, who does not identify herself, says that she was approached by a young man when she was a freshman in college who invited her to go the Democratic governor’s gala.

Using a viral TikTok format in which users tell stories and encourage other users to “put your finger down” if they have had similar experiences, she describes attending the gala where she allegedly met Bullock. She alleges that Bullock grabbed her butt when she took a picture with him.

The young woman goes on to say that she told her date about the incident and that her date said that he confronted Bullock. Bullock allegedly offered her date a “battle coin as a peace offering.” The young woman says she forgot about the incident until she saw Bullock running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

She then reached out to her date from the Democratic governor’s gala, she says, and asked if he still had the battle coin. The date allegedly told her that he had made up the confrontation with Bullock to impress her.

It appears that the young woman has taken down her TikTok account: the DCNF verified that the account was still up and visible to the public at 3:10 pm Monday. As of 4:45 pm Monday, the account could not be found.

TikTok user “droopynuts” could not be reached for comment.

Girl Says Governor Grabbed Her Butt, Governor Denies ‘Disgraceful’ Claim