Post Your Doggie Pics: Introduce Your ‘Best Friends’



Show the gang here at J3 some pics of your best buddies…..Your canine companions….. And those hairy little knuckleheads which we all love!

Our ‘Best Buds’ won’t be with us forever and we just love to spoil them with treats, squeaky toys, and big fluffy dog beds.

Your canine companions will hopefully lead a happy and healthy life. They will let us know when it is ‘their time’…. Lucky did.

When our doggies leave us, a hole is ripped in our hearts. We have them at our side for such a short time. And they are dearly missed when they are gone…… An absence of presence overtakes your home and things just ain’t the same. The memories you have with your dog stay with you forever……

Calamity Jane