Walmart Extends Hours

Oh! Goodie!

Wally World is open longer!

Restaurants, bars,and churches are still handcuffed!!!

source: USA Today

After five months of operating with reduced hours amid the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart will increase hours by 90 minutes at 85% of stores across the nation.

Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, reduced hours March 15 ,and then cut them again that same week to 8:30 p.m.

“As we continue reopening our operations, the health and safety of our associates, customers and communities will guide our decisions………By August 17, more than 4,000 of our 4,700 Walmart stores will expand their closing time from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., providing customers with more options to shop for the food, medicine and supplies they need.”


Walmart officials told USA TODAY in May that its special shopping hour for seniors and those most vulnerable has been extended until further notice. Friday’s announcement also said the special hour will continue. 

“We’ll continue assessing our remaining stores to determine the right time to expand their closing hours……..With this change, we will continue the health and safety measures currently in place, such as social distancing, health screenings, plastic barriers at the registers and masks.”


Look at the bright side…..The People of Walmart website will have some fresh pics posted!!!

People of Walmart

Walmart increases store hours after cutting them in March amid COVID-19; weekly senior hour continues

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