Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Doesn’t Have COVID-19: 2nd Deeper Test Yields Negative Results

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Sooooooo….. Does the first test still count as one in the positive column???

How many false positive tests have there been? Each adding to the mass hysteria and general stupidity.

source: UPI

Aug. 7 (UPI) — A second, more sensitive test has shown that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine does not have COVID-19, his office said.

DeWine initially tested positive on Thursday during normal protocol required to meet President Donald Trump during his visit. The first test was quicker and less sophisticated than the second, his office noted.

“In a second COVID-19 test … DeWine has tested negative…….First lady Fran DeWine and staff members have also all tested negative.”

Governor’s Office

DeWine’s office said a polymerise chain reaction test, which identifies genetic material specifically for the virus that causes COVID-19, was given after the initial test.

“The PCR test is known to be extremely sensitive, as well as specific, for the virus,” DeWine’s office added. “The PCR tests for the governor, first lady, and staff were run twice. They came back negative the first time and came back negative when they were run on a second diagnostic platform.”

DeWine and his wife will have another PCR test on Saturday, “out of an abundance of caution,” his office said.

After the positive test, DeWine said it was “a big surprise.”

“We are very, very careful with who we see,” he said. “I called Fran and headed back and stopped in Columbus and some of the people who work very closely with me were tested.”

2nd, deeper test says Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine doesn’t have COVID-19

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