Republicans Outpacing Dems In Voter Registration Gain In Key Battleground States

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Source: The Western Journal

The Republican Party has made significant gains in the number of registered voters compared to the Democratic Party in three key battleground states that Donald Trump carried in 2016.

Those states are Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.

The net gain in Pennsylvania is impressive; the GOP has picked up 153,000 more voters there in relation to their rival.

The Democrats have an approximate 783,000 advantage in voter registration in the state. However, the margin is down from a 936,000 lead in 2016, when Trump carried the commonwealth.

The Keystone State put him over the 270 electoral vote tally to win the White House.

Trump won Pennsylvania with 48.2 percent of the vote, to Hillary Clinton’s 47.5 percent.

The GOP’s gain in North Carolina is even larger than in Pennsylvania.

In 2016, the Democrats held about a 646,000 registered-voter lead, according to statistics provided to The Western Journal by the Republican National Committee.

That lead has dropped 216,000 to a 430,000-voter lead.

Trump carried North Carolina with 49.8 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 46.2.

In Florida in 2016, Trump won by a little over a percentage point despite the Democrats having a 335,000-voter-registration lead at the time, the RNC determined.

That advantage has fallen to approximately 250,000.

Overall, the RNC reported that its Trump Victory campaign volunteers have signed up over 100,000 new voters in advance of the November election, compared with 46,000 in 2016.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News on Wednesday that the party has 1,500 staff members on the ground working to get out the vote for Trump and other GOP candidates.

  • “As enthusiasm for President Trump continues to grow, so does the Republican Party,” McDaniel said in a statement provided to The Western Journal.
  • “Over 100,000 new voters are ready to cast their ballot for four more years of President Trump’s ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ agenda, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot on November 3rd.”

Republicans Outpacing Dems In Voter Registration Gain In Key Battleground States