New Emperor Penguin Colonies Found in Antarctica

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source: BBC

Eleven new colonies of the largest penguin species – the emperor penguin – have been discovered in Antarctica using special satellite technology.

It means that now the total number of colonies is 61, with about half a million emperor penguins altogether.

As the places where these birds live are very cold and far away, it’s difficult to study them and see how they’re doing. That’s why the special satellite technology was a big help by spotting from above where they are living and breeding.

Dr Phil Trathan, from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who made the discovery, said: “Whilst it’s good news that we’ve found these new colonies, we need to watch these sites carefully as climate change will affect this region.”

Sea ice is where these birds like to breed, but that’s under threat from melting because of climate change.

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New emperor penguin colonies found in Antarctica

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