Denver Broncos Install Covid Misting Booth: To Disinfect Players

This COVID bullshit has attained a comedic magnitude of epic proportions!

source: TMZ

The Denver Broncos have installed a special “misting booth” at the team facility — which sprays a disinfectant on players to and from practice in hopes of killing the COVID virus.

The Broncos posted footage of the machine on Monday — saying, “Time for work. But first, we sanitize.”

We’re told the booth is spraying a product called “MicroSURE” — which is touted as a powerful nontoxic disinfectant that kills viruses like E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Coronavirus upon contact.

“We want to go above and beyond to protect the players.”

Denver Broncos

“The misting booth is an additional safety measure that sprays a safe, medical-grade disinfectant on players and their equipment when entering and exiting the practice field.”

The Broncos have already had a serious COVID scare this off-season when star linebacker Von Miller tested positive for coronavirus back in April.

Miller was symptomatic — but has since recovered. He’s called on others to take the virus seriously.

Meanwhile, several other NFL stars and coaches have also tested positive this off-season … from Lions QB Matthew Stafford to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

Denver Broncos Install Covid Misting Booth to Disinfect Players

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