Rep Doug Collins: Defunding Police Making US Cities Unsafe

Well DUUUUUH!!! I wonder how long this dude had to ponder the subject before coming to that conclusion.

Source: Newsmax

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., said Sunday the Department of Justice should “take a look” at a crime rise plaguing some cities across the nation, decrying Democrats who are “ignoring it.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Collins said nationwide efforts to defund police departments are “taking hold” and “causing our cities to be unsafe.”

“We’re actually trying to bring it to the attention of our Democratic colleagues because they don’t believe it actually seems to exist. They keep talking about peaceful protesters, keep ignoring it.”

Doug Collins (R-GA)

Collins decried a homicide rate in Chicago that’s up 50%, conceding the rate in Atlanta is also up in “double digits.”

“This defunding the police movement is actually taking hold and it’s causing our cities and municipalities to be unsafe,”

Doug Collins (R-GA)

Collins said the crime issue was brought up at a House hearing that included Attorney General William Barr, yet Democrats “kept talking about peaceful protests.”

  • Here’s what you bring to a peaceful protest. You bring a sign, t-shirt, a hat, a whistle, you march peacefully,” he said.
  • “What you don’t bring is Molotov cocktails, lasers to blind people.
  • The Democrats are ignoring that all together.
  • Bill Barr brought it up very well the other day. We have a problem in our cities.
  • They have to take look at it.

Rep Doug Collins: Defunding Police Making US Cities Unsafe