Woman Tries To Cancel Pizza Joint For Flying Trump Flag, Trump Steps In

Leftist tries her best ‘cancel culture’ move to put Patio Pizza out of business. The extended community supported Patio Pizza.

Source: WND

You tried, Facebook canceler. You tried your hardest.

You went into Patio Pizza in St. James, New York, on the night of July 24 to pick up your order. Like any good Long Islander, you like yourself a good pizza on a Friday night.

What could spoil your night? No, it wasn’t thick-crust pizza, or someone without a mask or even someone loudly discussing how Billy Joel is really overrated.

No, it was a flag. Not an American flag. Not even a “Thin Blue Line” flag. Much worse than that: a Trump flag.

Maybe it was a sick prank. Is that show “Punk’d” still on? Surely it was something like that. You asked one of the Patio Pizza employees what was going on and they said it belonged to the owner.

You went through your options. Could you call the police? No, the owner’s name was Guy Caligiuri — that sounds white, and as a liberal (I assume) in good standing, you know they only kill black people.

Plus, police actually — shudder — like that Orange Man. What about setting the flag aflame? That would be a good way to deal with it.

Even better, though: You’re the administrator of a local mom-centric Facebook page. Get ready for digital ignominy, Mr. Caligiuri. You went home and made a post about how you were never going to spend your money there again, making sure everyone knew how awful this guy was. After all, he didn’t just have a different opinion than you. He had the gall to express it.

Watching Caligiuri’s appearance Thursday on Fox Business for the fifth time on your DVR, your eyes still misted over with rage, you wonder how it went so wrong — and why he didn’t just realize how important you were, as the administrator of a Facebook page, and just take the flag down.

“I’ve been in business for 43 years and I’ve seen a lot and I just took it in stride. … I just ignored it, basically.”

Caligiuri – Owner

And things were going right, too! He knew that you were going make sure he was canceled, and canceled hard.

He talked about getting calls about “this woman who had posted nasty things about me online and was asking the [St. James] community to boycott Patio Pizza.”

Yes! Yes you had! You’d canceled it! And so people converged on Patio Pizza and … supported it?

The community “rallied around” Caligiuri, the business owner said. So did people from around the country.

How could that be?

“They supported our president. They support the flag that I had hanging in the back of my store,”

Caligiuri – Owner

You looked through Twitter, fighting back the tears. People liked that guy.

And you know who liked the guy, too? That … that … oh, you can’t even say it!

  • “I think he’s a fantastic president, I think he’s done a great job, and I think it’s my right to support him and to show my support of him,” Caligiuri said.
  • “But, this woman took it upon herself to — not knowing me, not knowing my family, not knowing my grandchildren … she took it upon herself because she saw a flag in the back to try to put me out of business,” you heard him say.

You went back to Twitter. At least some people saw that you were making sense and realizing this guy’s support of President Trump meant he ought to be run out of business.

How didn’t this work? You were told this was how cancel culture was supposed to work, right? You said this guy had the temerity to support Donald Trump. You implied on Facebook that the community should do their worst. And they didn’t.

In fact, the community rallied around this guy. It’s almost as if they didn’t care that you were outraged!

What’s the world come to when this guy’s allowed to get away with having his own opinion?

Woman Tries To Cancel Pizza Joint For Flying Trump Flag, Trump Steps In