Trump: Feds Will Use ‘Very Strong Offensive Force’

All Talk, No Action, show us something different Donald. Give us something to support you this November. You’re losing your credibility.

Source: Newsmax

President Donald Trump said Friday federal agents are prepared to use “very strong offensive force” against Portland protesters, the Independent reports.

“If it doesn’t clear up, we’re going to do something very powerful,”


His comments come a day after he threatened protesters, who he called “terrorists,” with plans to send in the National Guard.

“We have no choice, the left-wing extremists have spread mayhem throughout the streets of different cities.”


Ongoing protests calling for racial justice have turned violent and destructive in cities, including Portland.

Trump has deployed federal law enforcement to help quell dangerous demonstrations.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown had been working with acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf on a plan to withdraw federal agents from the city of Portland. 

Wolf told Fox News that the only way the agreement will go forward is if the Trump administration approves plans by the governor and Oregon State Police that they think will be “effective night after night.”

Trump: Feds Will Use ‘Very Strong Offensive Force’