Alan Dershowitz Defends Himself After Name Surfaces In Maxwell, Epstein Documents

There are a lot of sick fucks in this world. Will these documents highlight many more? Dershowitz, you’re smart enough to know better, dumbass!

Source: New York Post

Attorney Alan Dershowitz defended himself from sex abuse claims Friday after his name appeared in a slew of unsealed documents related to a since-settled defamation case involving Ghislaine Maxwell.

The emeritus Harvard Law professor was accused of having sex with then-minor “Jane Doe #3” — identified in court documents as Virginia Roberts Giuffre — and witnessing Jeffrey Epstein and others sexually abusing girls and young women.

The allegations, lodged in a 2014 court filing, reemerged in more than 600 pages unsealed Thursday night in Giuffre’s 2015 defamation case against Maxwell.

Dershowitz claims the document dump exonerates him.

  • “I demanded release of all documents because they contain emails and manuscripts proving in Guiffre’s own words that she never met me,” Dershowitz said in a tweet Friday morning.
  • “I knew they would repeat her false accusations against me, Al and Tipper Gore and others, which her own lawyers admit are ‘wrong’.”
  • “There are no new accusations against me in the documents I got unsealed. All her accusations were made in suits she filed years ago. They were false then and now, as shown by her emails and manuscript that prove I never met her.” he added.

In 2016, former attorneys for Giuffre previously said it was a “mistake” to have accused Dershowitz of sexual misconduct.

Dershowitz helped Epstein cop a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in 2008 in which the convicted pedophile was jailed for 13 months on state prostitution charges.

The famed lawyer — who is part of President Trump’s legal team — has vehemently denied Giuffre’s allegations.

Last year, he defended a 1997 op-ed he penned on the legal argument for lowering the age of consent.

Giuffre says she was 15 when she was allegedly recruited by Maxwell as a masseuse for Epstein — who turned her into his “sex slave” from about 1999 to 2002, forcing her to have sex with his prominent friends.

The document dump Thursday included a deposition from Giuffre in which she claimed former President Bill Clinton was a guest at Epstein’s private Little St. James island — and that she traveled on the financier’s private plane with people like Al Gore and others.

Giuffre also claimed orgies were regularly held on the plane and on the island.

Epstein died by suicide last August while locked up in Manhattan on sex-trafficking charges.

Maxwell, meanwhile, was arrested on July 2 and charged with procuring victims for Epstein. She is also accused of taking part in some of the sexual abuse.

Alan Dershowitz Defends Himself After Name Surfaces In Maxwell, Epstein Documents